Bi-Directional Energy Storage System


Bi-Directional Energy Storage System can maximize the self-consumption rate of solar power generation, reduce the dependency of on grid power, increase the income of PV power generation, provide safe and reliable power solution.

Because of energy storage unit, the system not only have the basic function of peak-load shifting

and grid-connection,etc. but also have functions like off-grid and timed charge and discharge.

System Features:

  -  Multiple operation mode, meet all kinds of application requirements;

  -  Advanced battery management system, support Lead-acid & Lithium Battery;

  -  Integrated EMS, save on electric bill, reduce the dependence on utility grid;

  -  On grid/off grid auto switchover, adapt to complex power grid environment;

  -  LCD display, multiple communication interface, wireless monitoring system;

  -  High conversion efficiency, low noise, safety and reliable;

  -  Dual MPPT input,with wide voltage range, suitable for different roof needs;

  -  Multiple protection, leakage proection, short circuit protection, overload protection,etc.


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