Solar Pump Inverter 370W~550W

Solar pump inverter obtains direct current energy from photovoltaic cells, and converts it into electric energy to drivethe water pump. According to the intensity of sunlight, take use of MPPT algorithm, the inverter adjusts the outputfrequency to make maximum use ofsolar energy.
Product Feature

  • The product has strong overload capability and can drive three-phase AC water pump of the same power;
  • Adopting maximum power point tracking (MPPT) technology,efficiency >99%;
  • Wide range of MPPT input voltage ranges;
  • Outdoor use, protection grade IP65, adapt to harsh applicationenvironments;
  • Operating Temperature:-25~60℃;>60℃ need derate operating;
  • Perfect system protection, undervoltage, overload, overvoltage,overcurrent, grid phase
  • loss, pump dry, phase loss, short circuit,overheating, etc.

Solar Pump Inverter 370W~550W


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