Solar Pump Group Controller


Solar Pump Group Controller is a touch screen facility that user can choose to control the running state of multiple pumps.
Solar Pump Group Control system is composed of pv module,diesel engine (optional), multiple pump inverter and water pump, reservoir, off-grid machine and sprinkling machine. PV array provide power supply to whole solar pump group control system, off-grid inverter provide power supply to various components of the sprinkler, in the morning and evening,when solar power is weak, the system energy will priority supply to one single pump to ensure the work efficiency; When sunshine is sufficient , its realize the maximum power point tracking of multiple pumps, maximize the use of solar energy, When the system energy fluctuates, the system energy supply priority is judged according to system working state, which satisfies the normal operation of the system.


    Touch screen, human-machine interface (HMI), can check the equipments’ (solar pump inverter, solar off-grid inverter) operating status and related parameters, also can setting inverter’s priority starting level;
    Common DC bus design, make multi-solar pump inverter to maximize the daily water output under the precondition of satisfying system requirement, improve the operating efficiency of the system and solar energy utilization;
    Automatic operation, unattended;
    Multi-stage water supply, storage and water system solutions;
    Solar pump output change with photovoltaic energy, multiple pump output priority can be customized;
    Multi-application scenarios, strong functional expansion, can be professional upgrades based on actual needs, high compatibility;


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