100 sets of solar aeration system were successfully installed and used in Jiangxi


Yugan county is located in the northeast of Jiangxi Province, with mild and humid climate, sufficient light and abundant rain. It is the "place of fish and rice". Recently, Jntech solar aeration systems has been successfully applied in rural water environment treatment and aquaculture projects in Jiangxi Province.


The solar aerator system independently developed and produced by Jntech is mainly used for water quality control of urban and rural parks, polluted rivers and small&mini type of water environments, as well as fish and shrimp breeding in remote areas with power shortage. It provides a green, maintenance free, electricity free water oxygenation treatment and maintenance scheme. The scheme has the advantages of no battery, long working hours, long service life, low cost of electricity, and no power consumption It has the outstanding characteristics of wire pulling and high power consumption safety.

The project consists of 100 sets of 750W ~ 1.1KW system. The project adopts three system solutions (paddlewheel aerator, push flow aerator and fountain aerator), which not only solves the problem of water pollution caused by the slow flow of river pond in the area, but also increases the oxygen content of water body, promotes the improvement of living environment of all kinds of organisms in water, maintains ecological balance, and increases the yield and income of aquaculture farmer. It's a profitable and beneficial project for people and society.

The successful operation of Jntech PV aeration system in batches is of great significance to explore urban and rural water treatment and water quality maintenance, especially for the regional treatment of stagnant water bodies and severed rivers and ponds in southern China with abundant rainfall, undulating terrain or urban population; this project also fully reflects the Jntech PV aeration system The excellent performance and advanced solutions of the oxygen system have been highly praised by local breeding users, engineers, design institutes and relevant government departments. Good reputation and high recognition from customers are the driving force for us to move forward. Jntech will continue to strive to become an excellent service provider in the field of solar applications, and practice adding green energy to the world!


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