Jntech attended the National Smart Water Conservancy Summit with photovoltaic smart irrigation system


At the National Smart Water Conservancy Summit Forum hosted by the Smart Water Conservancy Branch of the China Water Conservancy Enterprise Association on September 19-21, 2020, our company’s general manager Jack Ma gave a speech on "Smart Photovoltaic Irrigation System", illustrates that photovoltaics are new the application and promotion value of energy in the area of national smart irrigation demonstrates the photovoltaic smart irrigation system we have developed and shared our experience in photovoltaic irrigation applications worldwide. In recent years, due to the development of urbanization in China and the significant reduction in the number of employees suitable for planting, the country’s scattered small and medium-sized fields are faced with how to improve construction standards, increase output, reduce operating costs, reduce operating technical requirements, and maintain food security. This has always been a problem that we urgently need to solve; for many years, Jntech has always adhered to and focused on the application of photovoltaic technology and product development in the field of agricultural irrigation. As an industry standard drafter and industry leader, we will continue to work hardly for people around the world, especially for those people who live with no electricity, providing a safe, reliable and economical photovoltaic irrigation system to ensure food security and serve the people's livelihood.


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