Jntech solar irrigation systems' contribute to domestic high standard farmfield build


Once the Loess Plateau, looking around, is full of desolation, ravines, barren mountains and bald ridges, but now you see the green mountains and waters, and the singing of the birds, gradually becoming a livable home. With the country's continuous policy of returning farmland to forests and various measures to protect nature, the natural environment in northern Shaanxi and other places has gradually improved. Recently, jntech has successfully installed multiple sets of high-lift photovoltaic water-lifting irrigation systems on the Loess Plateau in my country, contributing to the construction of high-standard farmland in the country and helping the Loess Plateau to become beautiful. The project uses full photovoltaic energy for water extraction, storage, water delivery and water supply, and realizes automatic water-saving irrigation at the head. Since then, people in the hinterland of northern Shaanxi, people in the area of more than 10 kilometers of the project site no longer worry about water for daily life and agricultural production. Jntech will always adhere to our vision: innovative technology, green energy, and a better life!


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