The UAE successfully installed a desert hybrid system that can support pumping and energy supply


In the battle between nature and human beings, technology is always been the essential and the primary element.  The wide wild desert is practically equivalent to the life restricted district. However, last year, the technical staff from Jntech high-tech lab have successfully installed a desert hybrid photovoltaic system that can support pumping and energy supply at the same time through hundreds of experiments and practices in the desert area in the United Arab Emirates. When the transparent water pouring from the pump and the cool wind blow from the fan and air conditioner, humans can finally stand on this land with their feet. Eventually, the terrain desert would slightly turns into fertile field. 

In the last decade, Jntech always committed to offer the possibility of using solar energy to people who live in the area that lack of water and electricity through the upgrade of photovoltaic technology. Besides, the solar resource is a clean, non-emission, and very rich resource. After decades-years’ hard work, we can now proudly announce that: Jntech’s photovoltaic technology and products could have fully covered all of the people’s daily life. From water use, energy storage, agricultural use, aquacultural use to our new product solar air conditioner, it can only prove that our business is going to be more professional and comprehensive. It is proved by facts, we are approaching our goal, that is, we will offer a life with water and electricity to all the people live on this planet.


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