Solar Pump Inverter 1ph 370W~550W


This product is specially designed forhouseholdlike graden irrigation,drinking water pump system,maintenance-free.


1, It has strong overload capability and can drive single phase AC water pump with 1:1 horse power;

2, MPPT technology,efficiency >99%,wide range of MPPT input voltage ranges;

3, Adopt advanced IPM power module;

4, IP65 and fanless design,aluminium casting,outdoor use, adapt to harsh application environments;

5, Operating Temperature:-25~60℃;>60℃ need derate operating;

6, Perfect system protection, like undervoltage, overload, overvoltage,overcurrent, well dry, phase loss, short circuit,overheating, etc.

7, Solar to motor with isolation design,more safty;

Solar Pump Inverter 1ph 370W~550W


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